Microwave Omelette Maker

Making omelettes, stuffed omelettes and poached eggs in the microwave, in just over a minute, has never been easier!

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Cook o wave Pro

Cook o Wave Pro allows various foods to be steamed in the microwave while preventing them from losing their properties.

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Cook o wave Pro

Microwave Cover

Discover the advantages that the foldable microwave lid Tap it Tap offers you! A convenient and simple way of keeping the microwave clean, avoiding the common and annoying splatters.

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Balance Meal System

Balance Meal System™ will help you to have a balanced and healthy diet according to the food pyramid.

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Microwave Pressure Cooker

Cook healthy food in no time with the Microwave Pressure Cooker. Ideal for meat, rice, chicken, pasta, beans, stews, vegetables.

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Total Tea System

Practical invention for drinking your teas in a much more convenient way. Its original design means it has a triple use…

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Salad cup system

The Salad Cup System allows you to keep your salads fresh for eating. With an ergonomic and non-slip design, it also includes a fork and a compartment for sauces or dressings.

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Cold lock stock!

If you suspect that a mischievous goblin is making your food disappear every time you open the fridge, Fridge Locker is the perfect solution. This box with combination lock is designed for use in the fridge.

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Salad to go!

Your salads always fresh thanks to the To Go system. With separate compartments for the ingredients and airtight closing.

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Microwave steamer system

Cook healthy food in no time with the Microwave Steamer System microwavable food container. You can cook up to two dishes at the same time.

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Keep food fresh!

Lock, Stock, Spin ™ containers are made of high quality plastic which will insulate your food from undesired agents such as temperature variations or humidity.

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Bag Cap System

The Bag Cap system allows you to always keep your cereal and snacks fresh and crunchy.

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